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Originally Daria fans and authors Mahna Mahna, Scarlett, Tananda, and Beth Ann, the formerly titled Infamous Unserious Four later expanded to include their "Number One Fan" Taryn. Other fans, authors, and artists joined the insanity, including Kristen Bealer, Angelinhel, Woot, and others. Members (mostly female) posted long threads on PPMB from 2003 onward, with lively and amusing Daria ficlets and digressions on every off-topic issue imaginable. By 2005 the IUF's influence was fading online, though members still visit PPMB and SFMB and post on occasion. The sum of their contributions to Daria fandom is sometimes called "Tanandaria," after one of the members, though this is also a website of its own hosted through SFMB.

Members' names have been used for character in a number of Daria fanfics from 2003-2005, such as "Scarlett," "The IUF Tale," and even "The Omega Jane."


As of 2008, the existing members of Tanandaria are as follows:

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