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Written by Brother Grimace, It's All About Respect is an incomplete novella about Daria's experiences in a special seminar program at Lawndale High School run by Dr. (Colonel) Kyle Armalin, a psychologist and sociologist who is also an undercover military intelligence recruiter for the U.S. government agency known as DELPHI. The second major plot line in the novella explores the relationship between Jake and Helen Morgendorffer. The Morgendorffers seem to be at odds due to the professional (and personal) relationship that he has with Lauriel de la Ribas, a gourmet chef who works with Jake on her cable cooking show. Helen is also becoming more incensed over how Daria's continuing behavior is (in her eyes) lessening her chances for a successful life.

This novella, and the fic The Sun Will Come Out, Tomorrow, are considered to be the first fics written in the sub-category of angst known as 'Daria mental-torture fiction'.

Seven of the ten chapters of 'IAAR' have been posted online, and a number of the characters have apeared elsewhere in Daria fan fiction.

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