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Ixmythot (Ix as in Stix, Myth, Ot as in Hot): is a relatively newcomer to the Daria fandom, and an even newer member of the authoring section.


Ix 'lives' in Wakefield, New Hampshire, or, as he calls it, "Unending Isolation". Sadly, he did not get into the show, despite hearing of it off and on during his childhood, until around 2009, when on one of his many nights browsing TVTropes, he decided to obtain the series, thankfully only a few months away from the official DVD release, of which he ordered a few months afterwards. Finding the PPMB was only a matter of time.

An open goth, he only regrets the fact that Andrea and Scarlett had such little screen time, and that DeMartino didn't get an over the top moment of glory, despite needing one.

And yes, before any questions are asked, he has joined The Doom.