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JÖRMUNGANDR is an unfinished fanfic by The Angst Guy, notable for being the (so far only) Daria fanfic to treat The Head as canon. It plays around with format, using standard prose, diary entries, chat room text, and others, with varied fonts.

In the summer of 2000, four years after the invasion of head-invading alien parasites - remembered by Daria as the "geomagnetic storm of 1996" that gave everyone else a severe headache - the alien supervillain Gork resurfaces at Highland. A group of unlikely characters track him down, from supporting cast from The Head to one of the Saints Days from Holiday Island, but there's other foes at work, after the legacy of Dallas and Muddy Grimes's theft of the X-5...

Two characters, Belinda and Melinda Janus, are from "The Daria Diaries": the dicephalic twins ("two heads, one body") from a mentioned episode of Sick, Sad World. Jennifer the backgrounder appears as well.

A sneaky reference is made to the 'evil' holidays of "A Hard Days' Night", implying the stories are in continuity as a pair of 'off screen' paranormal adventure tales that technically don't break canon.

Before being dropped, it spanned thirteen chapters and a prelude, with thirty chapters apparently planned. Only chapters 1 to 12 remain accessible via the Wayback Machine.

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