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A ficlet by Angelinhel in response to an Iron Chef issued by Mahna Mahna: "Why is Jane's favorite song a sappy 70's love song?"

Plot Summary[edit]

Warning: The following may contain plot or ending details.

Daria catches Jane singing an off-key rendition of "The Morning After" one day when she visits. Surprised Jane was serious when she mentioned it was her favorite song. Jane tells her the reason is, as a child, her mother had sung it to her once when she was very sick. It was the only memory Jane had of her often-absent mother being like other children's mothers.

A flashback reveals that it was not Jane's mother, but in fact a ten-year-old Trent who had cared for his sick sister, his prepubescent voice high-pitched enough for a young Jane to mistake it for their mother's.


  • In the canon episode "Sappy Anniversary", Jane reveals her favorite song is "The Morning After".

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