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First appearance Pierce Me
Last appearance Pierce Me
Voiced by ?
Episode count 1 episode
Gender Female
Age ?
Occupation ?
Family Eric Schrecter (uncle)
Significant other(s)

Jasmine (last name unknown) is Eric Schrecter's young niece. She makes a brief appearance in Pierce Me.


Eric was taking Jasmine clothes shopping for her birthday when they encountered Helen and Quinn, but that did not stop Jasmine from hinting that she wanted "Uncle Eric" to buy her a skirt.

In a later episode Helen states Eric told her Jasmine had been tutored by David Sorenson, with excellent results.

Fanfic Portrayals[edit]

Jasmine makes an appearance in the alternate-universe tale Illusions, where she is a close friend of Veronica Morgendorffer and a "band geek" in their middle school.