Jean-Jacques Gallande

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A major client of Helen's law firm in The Winters of Those Gone Before, Jean-Jacques Gallande is a French citizen and ranchowner who is involved with raising speciality beef cattle. Jean-Jacques is quite wealthy, as he owns land on four continents (presumably for the purpose of raising cattle unique to those regions), and is reportedly a very fine chef as well.

Jean-Jacques is very interested in Helen; he shares his feelings for her (and his utter contempt for Jake) when he propositions her at the office one day. Still shaken by the matter of Jake's arrest and confinement, Helen actually knocks him over a desk; he responded by complimenting her left hook and her bosom, and then went to enjoy wine with the Senior Partners. Helen had seriously considered accepting a dinner invitation from him except for his overdeveloped sense of self-confidence; it is possible to believe that Helen may have gone out with him at a later date.