Jim's Paintballing Jungle

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Jim's Paintballing Jungle is a vast outdoors paintball range somewhere near-ish Lawndale, the site of "The Daria Hunter". Run, unsurprisingly, by Jim. There's a maze of tunnels under the park and while there are "comfort station" toilets, they're deliberately hidden. A replica of the Hanoi Hilton is somewhere on site, which the Lawndale High kids respectfully used to throw a dance party. As well as a Vietnam area, you can have Beruit, Iraq, Bosnia, and Urbantown U.S.A..

In "The Daria Database", we learn some more of the themed areas ("downed crybaby U.N. helicopter [in Bosnia] perfect for picnics") and how Jim has iffy views on the inner cities. There's a 50% discount for veterans, bounty hunters, and mercenaries, and the Granite-Master Paintballs you can buy are "banned in 49 states".

It's available for weddings!