Journey to the End of the Fashion Club

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"Journey to the End of the Fashion Club" is a story by Scissors MacGillicutty who describes it as "a cautionary tale about skin care." Linda Griffin and a physician at Cedars of Lawndale, one Ferdinand Bardamu, discuss the fate of Linda's daughter Sandi Griffin who is in a catatonic state as a result of an extreme case of atypical pustular psoriasis that could only be brought under control by high doses of prednisone which caused Sandi to suffer great weight gain.

The story includes sections of another story posted at the Sheep's Fluff Message Board by a fan masquerading as Sandi Griffin entitled Popular Girl. The excerpts were included with "Sandi's" permission.


Winner of a Bootie in 2006 for favorite drama; also nominated for favorite melodrama, favorite post-Is It College Yet?, and favorite weird idea.

Original Characters[edit]

Ferdinand Bardamu

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