Julian Rebolledo

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Julián Rebolledo in Daria: Behind the Scenes
Julián Rebolledo in 2004

Julián Rebolledo (a/k/a Julian Dean) is an American actor and voice talent, who played Jake Morgendorffer; best known in the 2010s for playing Paul, Ash's rival in the Pokémon "Diamond and Pearl" anime series as well as the Nick Jr. series Go Diego Go!.

In 2001, Rebolledo co-founded "Shut Up and Talk" with Sean Reyes, an audio post-production facility specializing in voice talent. Since its founding, Rebolledo has provided voice-overs for hundreds of commercials. In 2004, he toured the United States in the musical Heaven Help Us!, performing as one of the leads, a Spanish valet who channels Dean Martin.

Julián graduated from Tulsa, Oklahoma's Union High School in 1990, and later graduated from the Manhattan School of Music.

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