Katherine Goodman

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Katherine Goodman, sometimes writing as Ivanova after her nickname on IRC's #Daria+ IRC chatroom, was a Daria fanfic writer during the show's run and ran alt.lawndale.com, the oldest Daria fan website. When Outpost Daria had a Featured Authors section, she was one of the fans listed.

Until 2001, Goodman accepted other people's fanfics for alt.lawndale.com, most of which went to Outpost Daria after.

Among her work was the explicit Trent/Jesse romance "Ragged Denim" (with Tony Seljuk), the school story "Carpe Diem", and "Untitled 1" (with Kristen Wegner), about a terminally ill Jane; the latter two are no longer online except via the Wayback Machine. "Carpe Diem" created a drummer for Mystik Spiral, Reuben Garnet, in the days before Max Tyler had been created and Garnet would also appear in Chris Smith's "More Than Anyone Can Take".

Fanfics from back in the day may refer to Goodman as a beta-reader.

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