Kathy Wilson

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Kathy Wilson is a fictional character in Doggieboy's Apocalyptic Daria. A medical doctor by trade, Kathy is staying at the Carthage UMC Rescue Center when Daria Morgendorffer and Jane Lane shows up. Kathy treats Daria for rabies following a dog attack, then later treats her for anaphylaxis.

A devout Christian, part of Kathy's practice is praying for her patients, Daria included. Kathy is married (husband Denny) and has a dog, a terrier named Benji. Kathy also has some knowledge of survivalist tactics, which she became interested in after reading the first novel of the Ashes series, Out Of The Ashes, and picking up tips from the exploits of the main character, Ben Raines.

It is later revealed that Kathy's family is from Philadelphia. During the viewing of a CNN broadcast at the center (electricity has been restored) covering Black Saturday, Kathy rushes from the room in tears, under the assumption that they perished in the attacks.

Personal Description[edit]

Kathy is in her early forties, is five-feet, two-inches tall and weighs around 105 pounds. She has short-cut red hair and green eyes.