Kerry Thompson

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Kerry Thompson[edit]

In BDLE, Kerry Thompson became a pimp and crime boss when she was fired from the Marine Corps when she was caught raping an armory ensign with a nose fuze.

She has issues relating to her failure to pass selection for Force Recon, and came to Daria's attention when she abducted Stacy Rowe, using violence and drugs to force her to learn to work as a prostitute, Daria (with the assistance of Jane and the Fashion Club) interrupted this training by killing Kerry's gang and severely wounding Kerry.

After a stay in the hospital, Kerry was remanded into custody pending her trial for immoral earnings and attempting to pervert the course of justice, placed in solitary, where she was handed a restrained Daria so the prison staff could gamble on which one of them would win.

With Daria recovering in hospital, there was nothing stopping Kerry from enslaving Jane, forcing Tiffany to have sex with her mother (in prison due to charges of conspiring to pervert the course of justice in relation to a dodgy psychiatrist hired on Linda Griffin's advice), and was planning to rape Quinn when Daria got back.

Daria was returned to prison stoned on psychiatric medication, but Quinn's cell mate was able to secure drugs able to counteract the medication, allowing Daria to kill Kerry.

Other Appearances[edit]

Kerry appears in Doggieboy's Apocalyptic Daria as a Marine about to run away from her unit due to unspecified trouble, but is assumed to similar to that in BDLE. She teams up with Odell Jones, a rogue church deacon to kidnap a teen at the church and force her into prostitution.

When the teen escapes and encounters Daria, Martin Peters and others, they help her and in the resulting gunfight, Daria shoots and kills Kerry when she tries to seriously injure Martin.