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Written by Galen Hardesty, Kidnapped is a fic depicting the events that happen when Daria accidentally becomes involved in a kidnapping plot while babysitting Tad Gupty and Tricia Gupty. She is drafted into service as the courier for the ransom money, and due to a series of strange circumstances which ends up involving her sister Quinn and the other members of the Fashion Club, Daria manages to subdue the kidnapper and rescue the children, albeit while totally nude.

The consequences of her actions (especially since she was videotaped by a news crew that happened to be in the area) include her being attacked and held by the kidnapper's mother (who is also mentally deranged), and Daria's using the publicity from the events to sell two of her novels. At the end of the fic, it is announced (thanks to some canny dealing) that 'Blood Oath of Patriots' (Daria's first novel) will be made into a film, with Daria playing the character of Melody Powers. (Quinn also receives a small role in the film, as Harmony Powers/Agent Butterfly, Melody's younger sister and an newly-activated agent.


This fic takes place sometime after Blood Oath of Patriots and Blood Oath of Patriots II: By Any Other Name, as events occurring in those fics are directly referenced within.

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