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Micka is a young Australian fan author whose works tends towards the macabre.

Biographical Information[edit]

Micka is well known for not being well known. He occasionally will write a story, then vanish into obscurity for a few months. In fact, between October of 2005 and May of 2007, he had only made 72 posts on the PPMB under his 'Micka' account. He also maintains, but has yet to post with, an account on the SFMB using the alias 'KB,' a reference to his AOL screen name of Kinetic Booger.

He is 22 years old and lives near Brisbane, Australia with his mother and younger brother. He works in management at a Red Rooster restaurant and enjoys drinking bourbon and playing various computer games and RPGs in his free time.

He is generally fairly quiet, even in his social life and does not talk about himself nearly as often as his girlfriend, HelpfulSkittlesExplosion talks about him. In fact, most of what is known about him came out in this way. This, unfortunately, means most of the knowledge about him is sexual in nature or about various attractive features. He is sometimes referred to as a 'perky emo goth' due in part to his generally jovial nature and his penchant for he macabre and disturbing in both his stories and choices in entertainment.

Micka is overall fairly good natured and easy going and has never been involved in any major debacles, although he admits to having a firey temper when provoked. He does occasionally get involved in debates and feuds in SFMB2 but usually then it is only when someone else draws him into the fray. Otherwise, he rarely talks even there unless called out or in some way brought into the conversation.

Quote: "i dont even know what to do if asked to say anything about myself other than "lurks" (IM conversation, 10 April, 2007)

Fanon and Fan Culture Contributions[edit]

SFMB2 habitué.

Bibliography of Major Works[edit]

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