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LSauchelli is a Fanfic writer. He began writing in the Daria Fandom in late August of 2007. Self declared addict of the Story Hour forum in the PPMB and also of the Daria Fandom Blog II. Easily distracted, he's prone to start new stories without finishing other works he started before. He is the webmaster of


  • The Mystery Chick, a tale where Daria is a mystery nut, as she grows up she finds herself in life threating situation after life threating situation.
  • Housing Daria, a Daria/House MD crossover. A week before moving to Lawndale, all the Morgendorffers die due to some sort of poison in the drinking water. Only Daria is saved thanks to House, who's one of Jake's oldest friends and ends up being her guardian.
  • Eldritch Evolution and its sequel, Road to Heroism, is a Daria/Heroes crossover and reinvention of sorts.
  • He also is currently working on a series, crossover with The Dresden Files that he likes to name The Morgendorffer Files. This started with Semiautomagic and then continued with Magicsters, which was influenced by some posts in the Daria Fandom Blog.

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