Larry Carter

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Larry Carter is a fictional character who appeared in Dopggieboy's Apocalyptic Daria.

A consultant by trade, he is also a serial rapist/murderer encountered and killed by Daria Morgendorffer and Jane Lane while the two are on their journey back to Lawndale during a nuclear war, later known as Black Saturday. He is from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, where he lived with his wife, three children and a cat. He is 42 years old.

Larry's 'claim to shame' comes from the fact that, in retribution for what he had done (and had planned to do) to Daria and Jane, Daria shot him in the crotch with a .357 Magnum revolver. After their escape, Daria and Jane found Larry's diary among his possessions (they took his car); they learn that Larry was responsible for twenty rapes and eighteen murders (three of the women he had raped escaped from him, but he managed to track down and kill one of them). Upon the arrival of law enforcement figures at Carthage, the diary was turned over to them.

Later, Daria has several unpleasant recollections of her experiences at Carter's hands, including a dream in which Carter shot and killed Martin Peters.

Apocalyptic Daria: Twilight Friday[edit]

In Apocalyptic Daria: Twilight Friday, Larry Carter is first seen on the road after killing Nancy Wilson (no relation to Kathy Wilson), a West Virginia State Police officer only three weeks out of the Academy. He is heading home when he sees the vehicle with Daria and Jane inside; it is his sudden and overwhelming desire to brutalize Daria that leads him to follow the two girls.

Alternate Versions of Larry Carter[edit]

Larry also appeared in NightGoblyn's The Misery Chicks as not only someone who abused Jane, but was also into child pornography and drugs.

He also appeared in LSauchelli's The Morgendorffer Files as a member of the Brotherhood of Nod.

He also made a brief appearance in an Iron Chef about wheelchairs when Psychotol wrote about him being a "sneaky bastard" for Jim Vitale.