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Last Summer is a series of stories by Richard Lobinske, set between the close of Is It College Yet? and Daria's departure for Raft College. They are the first group of fanfiction stories written by him.

The story lines are continued in Falling Into College.

Stories in Series[edit]

Saving One Last Summer:

  • Right after graduation, Daria must find some kind of "constructive activity" for the summer before her mother finds one for her.

Shifts in Mood:

  • While reading her diary, Daria realizes that Trent was not oblivious as he appeared. So, did he notice her crush or not? She invites him over to discuss what really happened.

Succeeding in Your World:

  • In order to meet a respected writer, Daria must attend an awards dinner with Helen, in a formal gown. Daria has to admit to Quinn that she has already successfully entered Daria's world after Quinn's successful tutoring. Therefore, Daria is determined to succeed in Quinn's world of fashion.

Out of the Frying Pan:

  • To what extremes will Daria, Jane and Mack go to give Jodie a break from her summer activities?

Comforting a Confused Soul:

  • Amanda Lane returns home to Jane after missing her graduation. Jane deals with her feelings of neglect from the Lanes, and acceptance from the Morgendorffers.

It Was Your Idea:

  • Daria and Jane go on a road trip to the beach. Can they tolerate the attention of two young college students?

Something For You:

  • Daria must deal with the loss of her friend at the Better Days Retirement Home, Theresa Blaine, as she prepares for the move to Raft and the end of the summer.


This series was translated into French by Mr Orange and Mathilde and available on FFnet as:

Le dernier été

  • Sauver un dernier été
  • Non-dits
  • Comment réussir dans ton monde
  • De Charybde…
  • Sauver une Ame Egarée
  • C’était ton idée
  • Quelque chose à t'offrir

This series is being translasted into Spanish by MystikSpiral/Xio-Lang and available on FFnet as:

El Ultimo Verano

  • Salvando el último verano
  • Los cambios de ánimo
  • Para tener éxito en este mundo
  • Del Fuego a la Sartén

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