Lawndale-High Message Board

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Lawndale-High is a Daria message board, running on Proboards. It is similar in layout to the Paperpusher's Message Board, though the rules differ.

As you can tell from the name, the board is themed around Lawndale High and boasts the school colours of yellow and blue. So as to fit with the school theme, the forums are named after school subjects: for example, "Drama Club" features RL politics and current events, while "Language Arts" is the home for fanfic. "Jodie's AV Club" is established for discussion of the upcoming Jodie show, giving it a seperate place from discussion of the older show ("History").

The board was created in 2019. When the PPMB went down in August 2021, Lawndale-High temporarily became the only Daria message board. Currently, Erin Mills is the administrator.

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