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Lawndale After Dark was the name of a pornographic Daria site that existed for several years. It was created sometime before July 2001. For a long time, it was the only independently run fan site that contained pornographic material and art. The site was not maintained and was dropped by its Internet host, but it has been resurrected and currently resides at The Sh33p's Fluff in the section called Mistress Daria's Dungeon.


In the late 1990s, Daria fandom as a whole was not receptive to Dariarotica. This was probably due to two reasons. First, the cartoon's target audience was young teenagers, and Daria fans were uneasy about sexually explicit work being made available in a place were those under eighteen could read it. The show was still on the air and fans did not want to call negative attention to themselves, lest it reflect negatively on the program. Second, many of the major fans did not look favorably towards Dariarotica, seeing it as a lesser form of fiction.

With both reasons in mind, Martin Pollard decided to not host adult works at Outpost Daria, a policy still in effect. One infamous piece of erotica, Ragged Denim by Katherine Goodman and Tony Seljuk, received a lot of negative commentary for their sexually explicit male/male pairing of Trent and Jesse.

On IRC, several fans would commonly meet in a private room away from the #Daria+ chatroom in IRC. CINCGREEN (under the alias of Petrel), Ruthless Bunny, and at least four other well-known fans would talk with each other about Daria fandom issues and gossip.

CINCGREEN was disgruntled with the poor treatment given to adult fan fiction. In a gesture that was part protest and part vicious prank, he came up with the idea of a Daria porn site. Each of the fans participating would create an alias and come up with a work of adult fan fiction written under that alias. The work didn't have to be good work, but content would be needed for the new site.

One of the fans had the idea to spoof the major fan sites at at the time: those fan sites were Outpost Daria, I Am Not Daria, Crazy Nutso's Rubber Room, and The Green Sink. Graphic elements were borrowed from each site, but for the most part, all sites directed to the same content. The fans in the LAD group were enthusiastic and gave their blessing. After the first few stories were completed and crude changes were made to the existing graphical elements, permissions for use of existing Daria pornographic art available on the internet were obtained. With the addition of pornographic art, the site was ready to go on line -- and an anonymous post was written at the PPMB to alert the fan community of the site's existence.

Fan reaction[edit]

As can be expected, the reaction of the major Daria fans was generally negative. The major fans at the time were particularly incensed and according to fan lore, Glenn Eichler's response was a sarcastic, "Great." (We do not know if he visited the site). As a member of the LAD group listened in to fan responses from the #Daria+ channel, the chat was logged and the best of those responses were listed on Lawndale After Dark in an act of further provocation.

Martin Pollard took issue with what he considered the theft of his intellectual property. CINCGREEN (who had not revealed himself as a LAD co-contributor) countered that technically, all of the work hosted at Outpost Daria was a theft of intellectual property, so Pollard had no right to complain. Pollard clarified his position, stating that regardless of the work itself, the theft of the graphical elements belonging to the spoofed website creators was wrong, as that work was their property and presumably took some time to create.

Having received the negative reaction they wanted, there was little need for maintenance of the site. (The Blue Balls site would be maintained briefly.) However, it turned out that fans were actually sending work into Lawndale After Dark, pornographic work written under pseudonyms. Furthermore, more pornographic Daria artwork was obtained on the Internet, and after permissions were obtained, the very limited collection of Dariarotic fanwork grew larger (figuratively speaking).

Lawndale After Dark declined for two reasons. First, Daria fandom was not creating much in the way of erotic fanworks. As the site was listed only on The Green Sink, newer fans did not know of its existence. Contributions were generally few and far between. Second, the interface at was difficult to work with. As a result, the site was allowed to lapse out of existence.


A version of Lawndale After Dark is now hosted at The Sh33p's Fluff. It can be accessed through the section called Mistress Daria's Dungeon. The existence of web archiving sites allowed the resurrection of the older site, complete with graphical elements.

Thea Zara, however, did not wish to insult fans still active in the community. As a result, the current LAD version is missing its spoofed websites. The old LAD web address is given, along with a link to a web archiving site for those curious to know what the old site looked like.


Fan Response to Lawndale After Dark (warning: language)