Lawndale Arrival

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Daria and Helen look at the empty room by Drocem
Moving truck arrives in Lawndale by Drocem

Lawndale Arrival is a scriptfic by Richard Lobinske that draws upon ideas from the book, The Daria Diaries, to tell the story of the Morgendorffers' arrival in Lawndale, which takes place prior to the beginning of the first episode, "Esteemsters."

After scaring Helen and Quinn with his fast driving, Jake proudly lets them know that they arrived on time. Daria, riding with the movers, arrives later.

The story covers the basics as they move in and get settled. Things like Helen dealing with trying to write a check at Food Lord, complications as Quinn talks the cable installer to add more channels, or Helen taking Daria and Quinn along to choose home furnishings to decorate the house.

The story ends with Jake offering to drive Daria and Quinn to school.