Lawndale Elementary

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Lawndale Elementary School was a logical addition to the Lawndale setting for the Daria series, and it has been independently created and used by many fanfiction authors. A partial listing follows of stories making use of this locale (which was never named in the TV series). The entries are in no particular order.

A fairly detailed description of this primary school appears in the fanfic "On Guard," by Kemical Reaxion. Daria is sent there to shadow the school's crossing guard, James Crumwall, during Career Observance Day. The crossing guard works on the corner of Ridgeway and 4th streets, an intersection a few blocks east of the school.

The school's mascot is, appropriately enough, the Lemming. A sign on the lawn in front of the school reads "Lawndale Elementary" with the words "Go Lemmings!" in italics underneath.

The halls of the school are decorated with colorful paper, each classroom door decorated with a different theme. Some doors are decorated to represent children's classics such as "Little Red Riding Hood" and "Green Eggs and Ham," while others are simply adorned with numbers, letters, and shapes. One door is decorated with paper fish.

The principal of Lawndale Elementary is Cynthia Burns.