Lawndale High School cheerleaders

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Nicky, Angie, Lisa, Brittany, and Unidentified Girl 1 discuss things, while Unidentified Girl 2 doesn't care (from "Daria Dance Party")

The cheerleading squad of Lawndale High is composed of at least six members:

  • Brittany Taylor;
  • Angie (the one with long blond platinum hair);
  • Lisa (the one with straight and long dark brown hair);
  • Nicky or Nikki (the one with dark brown hair with a top ponytail);
  • two unidentified girls (both with bob-cut hair: one with dark red hair curling in, the other with light brown curling out).

Design supervisor Olivia Ward told the Daria Behind The Scenes Special that Angie is based on Sarah Michelle Gellar, Nicky on Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Lisa on Katy Holmes.

Other cheerleaders are occasionally seen, notably a dark-skinned girl (African-American?) in "Murder, She Snored" and "A Tree Grows in Lawndale". An unnamed black-haired cheerleader is harrassed by Upchuck in "The Daria Diaries" and gives him a smack.

The group's dynamic was fleshed out in "The F Word", where Lisa was presented as the dominant personality in Brittany's absence.

Though Brittany Taylor usually appears in the episodes, the remaining cheerleaders seldom do. The cheerleader squad, as a team, appears in:

Cheerleaders startled in "A Tree Grows in Lawndale"

All four of the named cheerleaders went to Great Prairie State University, the only college that would accept any of them.

In fanfiction[edit]

While the cheerleaders as a group rarely turn up in the show, in fanfiction they make irregular appearances as a popular clique - Angie is usually the most prominent single character. New cheerleader characters may be invented to fill the ranks.

"Turnabout Confusion" by Dennis had them in social warfare with other popular girls, and added new characters Dawn Wilkins and Zoe Becker. In "Lawndale Fighting Championship", the cheerleaders are a wrestling crew - Dawn Wilkins, renamed "Dee Wilkins", makes a return appearance in the rival Axis stable - and Unidentified Cheerleader 1 is given the name Donna Bolton. In a sympathetic take, Jane Lane joins the team for real in Kristen Bealer's "Blood, Sweat and Cheers".

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