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Lawndale Online was a Daria fansite. As of late March 2011, the site is off-line, with the link leading to a 'suspended account' notification.

Background and History[edit]

Project started on May 22, 2007, following the announcement by Martin J. Pollard that Outpost Daria, one of the last active Daria super-sites, would no longer be updated.

The site was released on 3 October, 2007 into an open BETA. The BETA period is planned to end within a month for the majority of the site and within a few weeks of the adult section rolling out.


Graphics and Design[edit]

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The site launched on 3 October, 2007. It features sections for fan art and fan fiction -- including a self-submission system -- and also Random Fandom (RanFan), a blog feature tracking important events in Daria Fanculture rather than analyzing the drama contained therein.

Other important features include a comment system, a rating system, and self-contained reviews for stories in the fanfic section.

At launch, the much anticipated adult works section was not released, even though it was primarily coded, because the design wasn't quite finished and some back-end things needed to be handled. It is due out soon, providing the staff doesn't go crazy and begin cannibalizing each other.

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