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Leda Penelope Calavicci is a fictional character in the ongoing serial fanfiction Legion of Lawndale Heroes. A Cadet First Class (equal to a college senior) at the United States Academy of Extranormal Studies, Leda is a psionic of Class Five power levels, easily on the level of Daria Morgendorffer, or her fellow cadets David Allen Farrington, Yaniv Ernet and Amorette Molyneux (the latter two are also fellow members of Training Cadre 2999).


Empathy: Considered to be her primary ability, Leda possesses the power to sense and discern the emotions, physical state and current environment of any individual she locates/comes into contact with, project and receive empathic messages, as well as manipulate any emotional states present within living beings (animal, human or even alien). She can make contact with such beings out to three hundred miles away, but can only manipulate emotions up to twenty miles away. Her power can connect with and affect even deity-level beings (although she has been careful to never use her power to attempt to manipulate such beings). Her power is so strong that she can even detect emotional states and messages in areas with even moderate psionic resonance traces, as well as through any forms of extrasensory perception or temporal/reality manipulation and alteration.

Telepathy: , Leda is an exceptionally powerful telepath (she is registered as a natural Class Five psionic), but with the limitation of distance to her power. While Leda can project her thoughts or read those of others, she can only do so out to twenty-five miles away. Leda cannot extend her range, even through the use of psi-amplifiers currently available, such as her Mark 30. However, in circumstances where she is in psionic links specifically said to merge or share abilities (such as when linked through David Allen's 'convergence' ability), she may use the range limitations of another psi in order to transmit long-distance messages. This, however, is extraordinarily tiring for Leda, and she cannot engage in long-distance communications of this type for more than thirty minutes).

Mental Linking: Leda is exceptionally gifted in establishing mind-links in difficult circumstances (such as cutting through mental barriers and jamming fields), and can even establish psionic connections with alien and deity-level beings when they are unwilling to do so. Extreme means of psionic suppression, such as multiple layers of psi-resistant materials or unusually powerful psi-dampening devices (such as metaljammers) will only dampen Leda's power down to very low levels; only the use of 'flush' or Mark 40 'suppression bands' can totally negate her powers (and they immediately return to full strength once the suppression is removed). Like Jefferson Davers and Kaliq Murat, Leda's psi-speech is incredibly rapid in its execution; she can communicate at up to 2,500 times faster than normal speech; also, because of the nature of her powers (including her linguistic skill), it in extraordinarily difficult to establish unwanted psionic contact with Leda's mind, which will unconsciously interpret it as an attack and respond accordingly.

Sense Alteration: Leda possesses the exact same side-ability of sense alteration that David Allen possesses, with the exact same range and effect as he has.

Mental Bolts: Leda has the ability to project powerful mental bolts that can stun, knock out or temporarily incapacitate even the largest of animals (such as blue whales), lessen the intensity of mental screens with each blast, affect even beings with mental defenses specifically stated to resist mental powers/effects, and disrupt energy fields and temporarily electrical currents/circuits . She can project her bolts from her hands and fingertips (as well as from any point on her skull), strike targets up to one mile away, and fire her bolts with rapid effect. Leda can She can modulate the effect of her blasts to act like lasers, cutting easily through reinforced metals (and other sturdy materials), and focus her blast to needle-thin beams, or to an area-wide effect. Leda's mental blasts can also effect beings of mystical origin, as well as ectoplasmic, out-of-phase (regardless of the method of doing so) and astral entities.

Astral Projection: Leda can project her astral form out to 300,000 miles away, She can use her full array of powers through her astral form, easily enter other dimensions (including the Dream Dimension, and 'pocket dimensions' of sleeping beings' dreams) and allow others to see her form if she so chooses. Because of her advanced astral training in the ASTRO program, she is also capable of manifesting a specific self-image for the purpose of astral combat. Leda's ASTRO-form is that of Lady Godiva.

Psychic Healing: Leda has the ability to heal any living being of any condition, disease, or injury/trauma that does not result as a part of the aging process, as well as resurrect a person who has been dead for up to one hour. In addition, Leda's power (when used upon herself) is so profound that it automatically acts to cause complete regeneration on the cellular level, effectively acting as a 'fountain of youth' and maintaining her body in a youthful form. Due to the nature of her power, Leda has the potential to live an unusually long life span (it is theorized that Leda is in fact aging at a vastly reduced rate because of her power). Like Julia Carlyle, Leda's power is so strong that even if her body is destroyed, as long as even an atom remains, her power will resurrect her.

Mental Shields: Leda possesses extraordinarily powerful mental shields, which prevent any mental- or emotional-based attack of any form or source (or physical effects that arrive from mental/neural attack) from affecting her or whomever she protects when her shields are active. She can expand the shields outwards to cover an area of up to 500 meters, or focus her shields around up to four other persons so tightly that even a Class Five psionic in direct physical contact (even intimate contact) with her or her targets could not penetrate her shields with their scans. A side-effect of this ability affords Leda protection from visual or audible input. (NOTE: Leda's shields do not protect her from direct or indirect physical or mystical attack.)

Perception Shield: Leda possesses innate psionic shielding that acts in the manner of the 'perception filter' endowment possessed by the Defender Rings worn by members of the Corps of Ringbearers, and is present in Maryann Lyter's 'True Vison'. They protect all of Leda's senses from being overridden by stimuli such as encounters with multidimensional beings/entities and environments, as well as effects and attacks that take place through the senses (such as calcification or the disruption of sanity through the sense of sight). Leda's perception shield works regardless of the form of attack (mental, mystical, extra-dimensional, etc.), and is closely linked to her linguistics power, as her shield simply transmits the sensory data through her linguistics powers, which simply sees it as another form of communication to interpret. Leda can manipulate her perception shield in the same manner as her mental shields, and can also use both at once with no ill effects.

Internal Mental Defense: Leda possesses an unique mental defense, seemingly based upon her linguistic and empathic powers, that not only actively repulses mental probes and contact but causes any telepath attempting unwanted contact to develop an unwanted connection to her linguistics ability - at which point, her powers will simply shut off the offending psionic's powers completely (albeit temporarily). Any being, entity or device (regardless of their power level or means of entry) attempting to enter Leda's mind without permission will find their powers beginning to dampen down; within thirty seconds, all of their powers will be shut down completely for between twelve and forty-eight hours. (Because of the way her powers work, Leda can subconsciously determine if such action would prove harmful or even lethal to the offender; in such cases, Leda can simply eject the offender from her mind without harm.)

Linguistics: Leda's primary ability is the psionic ability to understand and communicate with ANYTHING (be it of capable of a differing Human language, or of alien, animal, plant, machine, spirit or a currently non-living nature) and translate/understand its language. She can do this with any form of language (spoken, written, symbol, sign, body movements, mental pulses, etc.), and create a 'primer' for others to learn from. Because of the nature of her linguistics power, Leda is an almost unbeatable hand-to-hand combatant, and is a superior crisis counselor and negotiation specialist. Her power also allows her to seduce anyone she chooses (or renders her incredibly difficult to refuse); because of the nature of her power, Leda has developed a reputation as a 'yenta', (or 'matchmaker'), as she has been able to bring many couples together over the course of her life.

Enhanced Physical Attributes:Leda has natural fighting skills equal to a superior combat specialist, and her inborn agility is that of an Olympic gymnast. She possesses the same level of endurance as an enhanced metahuman with superior stamina levels, and she can lift up to 2000 pounds (1 ton) with effort. (Leda can lift 400 pounds with no effort at all.)

Skills and Talents[edit]

Leda graduated in the USAES Class of 2012 with a degree in Foreign Language and International Trade (with a dual minor in Political Science and Linguistics). Even without her powers, she has a natural ability to pick up other languages easily. She speaks at least ten other languages (at present) besides English. Because of her excellent academic scores and high class ranking (top twenty in her class) as well as her superior performance with her abilities, she has received a commission as a First Lieutenant in the Army National Guard, and accepted a position with the U.S. Department of State (where she will serve out her required service time as a uniformed officer).

She is also a highly-skilled hand-to-hand combatant with a high ranking in the martial art of Aikido; like many psionic cadets in her year, Leda has taken up the skill of knife-fighting; she is considered one of the most dangerous fighters in the Academy (only bested by Maryann Lyter).

Leda was trained for the Starseed Program, and has been a member of the USAES Ambassador program since her time as a Cadet Second Year (she has been the cadet leader of the program since she was a Cadet Second Class). As part of her qualifications for the Starseed Program, Leda trained for her entry-level EMT certifications. Leda was also the Head Resident Assistant for Boruszkowski Hall (she served as a resident hall assistant there since her year as a Cadet Fourth Class, and became head RHA as a Second Class). Leda also acted as a USAES recruiter since she was a Cadet Second Class.

Because of her powers, Leda possesses a natural affinity for both computer programming and cryptography. She has taken taken several of the advanced Academy psionics-operations courses:

  • she has received her Level One psionic search-and-rescue qualifications.
  • she has completed her training in psionic communications, and has been certified for secure psionic communications duties (both short-range and long-distance)
  • she has completed her Level One Psionic Examination and Legal Transcription (PELT) certification (any testimony she gives in a court of law gathered with her psi-powers is admissible, and she has a high-level security clearance, allowing her to attend classified government meetings for the purposes of having her memory used as a downloadable record).
  • has completed three certification levels in the 'Leviathan' psionic armaments-enhancement training program.
  • has received her certification in the Astral Special Tactical Response Operations (ASTRO) course for out-of-body/psionic combat. Her ASTRO form is that of Lady Godiva on horseback.
  • been specifically trained to perform and resist long-term mental interrogation techniques.
  • she has received her certification in the 'Maiden Spears' psionic physical-enhancement training program; allows user to channel/redirect psionic energies in order to increase physical attributes/durability to allow enhanced physical abilities (ex. enhanced physical strength/speed, etc.) for technically non-combat field operations. (This program is limited to female cadets in non-combat orented fields only.)


  • Leda is 5'2, with a slender build, large, jade-green eyes and raven-black hair that she prefers to keep cut short. She is incredibly attractive and equally flirtatious, and enjoys unnerving people with her nature (she is known for ignoring the concept of 'personal space' and hugging or pressing up against other people). She is also incredibly honest and open. with her thoughts and opinions.
  • Like most persons born with psionic abilities, Leda possesses innate physical enhancements that allow her to endure the stress of her powers. She has natural fighting skills, agility and endurance equal to an Olympìc-level athlete, and with effort, she can lift 500 pounds.
  • In a flashback sequence from the LLH 'Mini' Statement of Intent, Leda is shown to be a rabid Chicago Bulls fan, as well as a resident of the city. It is also established that she is the youngest daughter of Vice Admiral Al Calavicci (ret.), who was offered the position as Commandant of USAES but declined in favor of retirement. Leda is also a fraternal twin; her sister Alessandra 'Lyssa' Calavicci is also a Cadet First Class, and is a member of Training Cadre 3000.
  • Leda had originally considered nursing, like her mother, but switched into her current major after deciding that she didn't want to be limited in the places that she could work (due to her metabilities, and the security clearances a facility would need for her to work there).
  • Leda possesses major personality traits from both of her parents; Like her mother (Beth Calavicci), Leda has a innate manner of imposing her will on others, allowing her to intimidate vastly even physically imposing men. Like her father, Leda is very romantically adventurous and playful, and has a reputation for her amorous escapades.