Legion Tower

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Legion Tower is the headquarters of the Legion, Chapter #1 (Lawndale) in the fanfic series Legion of Lawndale Heroes. It is located at the abandoned Forman Quarry in the industrial district in Lawndale, overlooking Lewis Bay.

Measuring 398 feet in height, the tower is the tallest structure in Lawndale, and one can see the circle-and-ribbon Legion logo from almost anywhere in Lawndale at night. The stated construction cost of the tower was $67 million, however those in the know claim that the building's true cost is approximately $200 million.

Legion Tower has its own full-time staff, including a dedicated security detail and a training cadre.

Legion Tower Modifications[edit]

In LLH 13.1, Stacy Rowe mentions in a diary entry that extensive modifications were made to Legion Tower and the underground areas by combined groups of workers from the U.S. Government, Quest Corporation, and science- and technically-oriented cadets from the United States Academy of Extranormal Studies. The exact nature and complete details of the modifications are of a highly classified nature, but the following details are known:

  • The entire outer shell of Legion Tower has been augmented by an ultradense synthetic material which possesses the equal properties of lead, but with vastly less needed to achieve the same effects of a far greater amount of lead. This acts as a passive measure to protect Legion Tower from intelligence-gathering devices and EM-based weapons designed to knock out the Tower's electronic systems.
  • The outer wall of the Tower hs been sprayed with the same coating of Secondary Adamantium (even the windows) that is used on the outer skin of all Gridrunner aircraft, providing the Tower with an additional layer of protection from attack.
  • There are at least seven underground sublevels beneath Legion Tower, as well as an eight-foot 'barrier level' composed of several materials (including a one-foot shell of Secondary Adamantium and a two-foot shell of the lead-based barrier material) in order to protect the lower levels from attack.
  • One of the sublevels is an underground hangar which can store and support up to three Mark II Gridrunners, a mix of one Mark II and up to four Mark V 'Gridrunner-A' models, or up to six Mark V Gridrunners. This hangar is connected by a spacious egress passageway leading to a launch platform located 1/2 mile away, beneath the waters of Lewis Bay. The launch platform allows VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) of the Gridrunners, but can be configured to allow for orbital launch of no more than two 'Gridrunner-A's before on-site materials need to be replaced/regenerated. (Of course, Legionnaires such as Tom Sloane using their powers could allow greater numbers of launches.)
  • The fifteenth floor of Legion Tower features a 360-degree observation deck for sightseeing, as well as for VIP-level parties. If needed, a outer shell can be lowered over the deck's windows and sealed tight, making the deck look like any other floor.
  • An arboretium is in place throughout the second, third and forth floors of Legion Tower, providing a comforting locale for persons to congregate within. On the third and fourth floors, there are edible and fruit-bearing plants and trees; visitors are encouraged to enjoy themselves. The arboretium also acts as a secondary system in Legion Tower's environmental support network.
  • Each floor in the public sections of Legion Tower (floors 2-18) has six bathrooms available: three for men, three for women. Four are standard baths, while two have shower or bathing facilities available; the facilities on the second floor have baths, with alternating facilities available as one ascends.
  • The external security grids have been upgraded and modified to conform to the Legion's 'no killing' credo; military-spec PFT Weapons and Active Denial System directed-energy weapons (also known as 'pain rays') are in placements throughout the quarry where the Tower is located in order to subdue any attackers or disable any attacking weapons. The weapons on the ESG are designed and placed in order to be easily serviceable and/or replaced in case of damage.
    • (In the LLH 'Mini' 'The First Battle of Legion Tower', it was revealed that the Legion's defense grids are capable of doing lethal damage, as the Active Denial System and PFT emplacements can be reconfigured to bypass all safety protocols. In addition, there are railguns and 'hypervelocity' PFT emplacements (designed to cycle between pulses as incredibly high rates of speed and if effect, act as 'gatling'- style weapons).
  • The internal security systems include PFT weapons, confinement-mist available to be deployed in several manners, passageways that can be magnetically sealed to detain intruders, and hypersonic stunning weapons.
  • Legion Tower possesses a very powerful trinary defensive-shield generation system that is capable of defending the entire area around Legion Tower against massive attack. The system is designed around allowing two fully energized shields capable of defending against attack while allowing a third shield to be held in reserve (or regenerated following attack). Drawing power from a specialized power regulator that operates off the electromagnetic field of the Earth itself, the shields are capable of withstanding multiple strikes from multi-megaton nuclear weapons, or a sustained onslaught from multiple Class Five metahumans.
  • Legion Tower has three independant power-generation systems that it can draw upon in case of catastrophic power loss. If necessary, Legion Tower's primary power generation systems could power the emergency power needs for the city of Lawndale for an indefinate period of time.