Legionnaires 101

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Legionnaires 101 is the third Legion of Lawndale Heroes 'Mini' (mini-episode) to be released by Brother Grimace. It takes during the events of LLH 12:5, and focuses on a briefing that The Alliance recieves on the Legionnaires, with some surprising perceptions on which are considered threats and who are considered inconsequential.


  • The members of The Alliance are seen for the first time.
  • The character of Lindy Lomard was originally a male character named 'Lincoln', but Brother Grimace changed the gender to female after smk's LLH 'Mini' 'On Physical Attractiveness in Metahumans', where that character was accidentally mentioned as female. BG liked the change and ran with it.
  • The majority of the members of The Alliance were originally created as character's in Brother Grimace's Senior Thesis screenplay, Eagle Guard, which details the events of those characters ten years from the events of LLH.