Lexington Carlyle

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The younger brother of Julia Carlyle, Lexington Fitzgerald Carlyle is an upcoming character in the Legion of Lawndale Heroes canon. The younger of twins born to Deforest Carlyle and his wife Lauren Merritson, Lexington (known more casually as 'Lex') is six years younger than Julia, four years younger than his sister Antigone and five hours younger than his fraternal twin sister Vidalia Carlyle.


A slightly shy child prodigy like his sister Antigone (but lacking the inquisitive & overtly daring nature of his twin sister Vidalia), Lex's telepathic power appeared when he was ten, and his others soon thereafter. Because of his sister Julia's connections, Lex has had excellent tutors in the use of his powers (including several of Julia's fellow cadets). Despite his age, Lex is currently a grade-ten student at Fielding Preparatory Academy.

After undergoing an early growth spurt,, Lex is now a slender, muscled 6'3 (the same height as his twin sister and their father) and seems to be still growing. He has the same dark scarlet hair and jade eyes as Julia, his father DeForest and his twin Vidalia (with the same developing copper-hued flecks in his eyes - see Enhanced Physical Attributes), and prefers to wear his hair long. He has been given the nickname 'Lex' by his twin sister, and it has been accepted by all comers. While he is not a 'momma's boy' or a weakling by any means, his mother and sisters hold a great deal of influence over him. It was by their gentle prodding that he has been 'unofficially' betrothed to Valery Henders, a young woman from an Elite family who he has known his entire life. Their betrothal and eventual marriage is part of the deal made between The Elite and the Twelve Clans centuries ago as part of the peace treaties to end the war of unification; in generations where there is a first-born Carlyle daughter to claim the position as Matriarch of the Clan Carlyle (and thus, the leader of the Twelve Clans), at least one male child will be married to a daughter from an Elite family to maintain the bloodlines and keep the peace. (It should be noted that with his sister Julia and David Allen Farrington - the son of Cassandra Farrington, a High Council member for the Elite and her heir apparent - that Lex and Valery were not pressured to marry but allowed to choose their own way. They have, however, realized that they do care for one another and plan to marry after college.)

Lex has been taught (as have all young metahumans involved with Elite society) to not flaunt their abilities; because of his personality and the training/warnings he has received, Lex doesn't try to show off his abilities at all.


Telepathy: Lex is a high-level Class Two primary telepath. He can scan, receive and transmit thoughts up to ten miles away. He has an incredibly fast rate of mental communication; his speed is just over 2,000 times faster than normal speech. Lex is especially gifted in communicating through images; because of this, he has a easier time communicating with people who have differing languages and animals. Lex can also use his ability to project or manipulate mental images in order to distract or frighten away others.

Mental Shield: Like all members of the Clan Carlyle, Lexington possesses the hereditary power of an innate psionic shield that protects him from all mystical, psionic, neural and emotion-based probes and attacks, regardless of the form or level of power involved. This shield is always in place and Lexington can use his mental abilities through his mental shields, but he can allow persons access inside his mind at his discretion.

Astral Projection: Lex can project himself up to 5000 miles away. He can use all of his physical abilities through his astral form, and he can use his iron will to protect himself from psionic and astral attacks.

Mental Blast: Lex can project a mental blast that can stun even the largest of animals from any environment or powerful, non-psionic metahumans, crack reinforced naval armor, or temporarily disrupt electrical activity in electrical systems. Lex can attempt to strike targets up to ten miles away; because of his high level of agility (see Enhanced Physical Attributes), he can attempt to shoot objects out of the air.

Telekinesis: Lex has the ability to lift a maximum of twenty tons, and can lift up to one ton with no effort. He has learned to fly with his powers (up to 225 MPH), and can create a force field capable of blocking ANY form of attack for a short time. Lex can fly, lift things and use his force field at the same time. Lex can use his TK powers until he is mentally fatigued.

Sense Alteration: Lex can manipulate the senses of others from up to two miles away. He can (at present) focus on two persons at any one time, or on everyone within a five hundred-meter radius. Powers and effects that dampen or dispel psi-powers can stop his power. Lex's sense-alteration ability is unique in that when used, it ignores all forms of power- or environment-based mental defenses or forms of detection save visual (which means that only artificial defenses work, and only to lower Lex's ability by the intensity of the defense). This means that Lex can successfully evade most power-based forms of detection, and can affect even psi-actives who are more powerful than he is.

Iron Will: As with all members of the Clan Carlyle, Lex has a regenerative healing ability. In his case, Lex possesses the ability to survive even mortal injuries and self-heal any damage he sustains (although medical assistance can help speed his healing). He can also, through physical contact (or powers that simulate such contact) he can take on the injuries of others (thus healing them as he suffers the injuries and self-heals) or pass the injuries and/or pain from such injuries) on to another (usually, the one who inflicted the damage) so that they suffer their misdeeds. It should be noted that (except when passing them on to another) Lex feels the pain from all such injuries.

Enhanced Physical Attributes: Because of his lineage, Lex has enhanced physical capabilities, which may increase as he matures.

  • Lex can lift up to two thousand pounds (and up to four hundred pounds with no effort).
  • Lex can fight as well as a person with regular, formal combat training.
  • Lex possesses agility and stamina equal to an Olympic gymnast; this gives him incredible archery skills.

Enhanced Physical Attractiveness: Lex possesses the passive ability of enhanced physical attractiveness equal to his sister Vidalia, which makes him an extraordinarily physically attractive young man that promises to gain him extreme amounts (wanted and unwanted) of attention as he grows up. (Like Vidalia, Lex is ranked as a 5 on the Byrne/Claremont passive power scale.) This is evidenced by the tiny, copper-hued flecks in his irises - the tell-tale sign of the majority of persons with enhanced physical attractiveness.


Lex is an avid reader (he prefers English literature) and has extraordinary artistic abilities (he prefers sketching, painting, and has similar singing skills to his sisters Vidalia and Julia). He is especially well-versed in art and world history.

Lex loves the outdoors, and has also learned how to survive in the wilderness. Despite his age, he is adept at building shelters and fires (particularly in how to build such to avoid detection), moving through the wilderness without detection, and is learning how to hunt with bows. (While he is an excellent archer, Lex only hunts when he is going to use the animal for consumption and does not trophy-hunt. To date, he has only taken wild turkeys and other game birds.) Lex has begun to discovered a love of running off and exploring his world - but has also realized the dangers of doing so and prepares accordingly. (To this end, Lex has learned several 'aspects' of psi-ability from USAES cadets (such as the 'torpedo', the mana shield and the 'gender lock'; see below.) Lex speaks fluent French, Italian and Gaelic (in addition to English), and has always had an ear for learning languages easily.

Lex has followed in the footsteps of his sister in terms of informal psionics training from Julia's psi-active friends and cadre-mates at USAES: as a result, he also possesses the 'aspects' training of a Cadet Fourth Year in terms of psi-abilities. He also has two Leviathan weapons-enhancement training levels: one in melee-class weaponry and one in archery. As such, he can use a bow in order to take down most land animals or disable up to light armored vehicles (or heavier, with specialized arrows that he does not normally have any access to).