Lindy Lane

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The 45th story in the Falling Into College series by Richard Lobinske. The story occurs during early June, 2001.


As final preparations are made, Lindy's mother Elaine, who is not happy with many of the wedding plans, is introduced. Jane visits Mack and meets his father, Colin. During the conversation, Jane finds out that Mack is really named for both of his grandfathers and the story that Mack was renamed after the basketball player is a long-standing joke of Colin's. At the Lane residence, Jane gets reacquainted with her siblings, all of whom are there for the wedding. Jane finds out that there's a betting pool on how long Wind lasts during the wedding before breaking down. At the bachelor party, Michael and Mack get frustrated being watchdogs for the band and get drunk anyway. They end up seriously hungover, Daria is furious and Jane recruits Colin to help tease Mack. During the wedding, Sandi recruits her brother Sam to get get her cat Fluffy out of the Griffin home.

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Lindy Lane at Lessons From Lawndale

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