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Introduced in Legion of Lawndale Heroes episode 12:6 - 'Bop Til You Drop', Cadet Second Class Lindbergh ('Lindy') Cameron Lomard is a member of the Corps of Cadets at the United States Academy of Extranormal Studies, and one of the members of The Alliance.


A native of Coney Island, New York, Lindy is the youngest of eight children born to a pair of commercial airline pilots - and the only member of the family who does not share an overwhelming interest in aviation, as everyone else in her family has joined the military and received pilots' wings. (In order to please her very close-knit family, she does maintain a single-engine pilot's rating.) She discovered her powers when she was eleven (surprisingly, she did not discover them as a result of being in a life-threatening situation), and when she revealed this to her family, they had no problems with her gifts. (She has been, however, the subject of good-natured jokes on how she'd do anything to get out of going to military flight school when she was accepted to USAES.)

Lindy received her name because she was expected to be a boy and her parents just gave her the name anyway (and just shortened it to 'Lindy'); her mother's first name was given to her as her middle name. Possessed of an gently athletic form with a prominent bust, Lindy stands 5'7 in height and weighs 120 pounds, with shaggy, sun-blonde hair that grows out unusually quickly (no matter how many times she cuts or styles it) and unusually large, wet brown eyes set with tiny, brilliant golden-hued flecks. (Fabian Nogura, a fellow Alliance member, often comments on how she has the same eyes as characters in Anime series.) Because of her looks, she is often referred to as a 'beach bunny'. (See Enhanced Physical Attractiveness.)

Slightly influenced by her family's aviation interests, Lindy attended USAES with an eye towards aviation design, but eventfully drifted towards engineering (as a direct result of being a huge Star Trek fan, and particularly a fan of the character of Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott). She was one of the ten students selected to become a member of Training Cadre 2996 by Professor Richard Hiram Blumenberg, who gave her the code-name 'Backtrack'.

Upon graduation from USAES, Lindy was commissioned as a First Lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force, and is currently seconded to DARPA where she is working on classified projects. However, she is currently being heavily recruited to transfer over to the newly-formed United States Space Force. DELPHI is also seriously attempting to recruit her for either their special technical divisions or for placement as a technical specialist on a P.O.G.O. team. (This is actually a distinct point of pride for Lindy, as they are not trying to recruit her for her looks or her powers, but her intelligence and skills.)


Force Field Generation and Control: Lindy's primary ability is the creation of a powerful defensive field around her body. This field, which has a extremely clear, crystal-blue sheen when active (but remains invisible until contact is made by an object) is capable of deflecting any form of attack (either away from her, or directly back upon its initiator) or simply absorbing it with little damage to itself. Lindy's force-field is capable of deflecting even passive psionic efforts directed at her (such as telepathic scans, or even powers like Julia's telelocative 'tracking' power) as well as powers of a mystic nature. Her field is powerful enough to resist the effects of multiple multi-megaton nuclear detonations (at point-blank range), the full force of Maryann Lyter's 'flash-vision' or David Allen Farrington's 'Prime Bolts' (both at point-blank range), being at Ground Zero of a massive volcanic eruption, or the combined assault by several individuals with Kryptonian-level abilities.

Lindy can control her fields with absolute precision; she can expand her field out to a one-mile sphere (or any geometric shaping that she desires) with no loss of deflective or protective capability, or extract it about herself into a molecule-thin field that actually that actually bonds with her body to provide her with a measure of invulnerability, yet still allows her to engage in physical or even intimate activities with no loss of sensation, protection, and without others being aware of her powers.

At present, Lindy has not reached the upper limit of power within an attack that can breach her defensive fields. It is theorized that Lindy's shield could possible survive a planetary detonation or a supernova event; obviously, Lindy has no desire to ever test either of these theories.

Reflective Force Field: Lindy can use her force-field to redirect attacks of particularly high power levels onto several different targets; she can do this while in flight or when in a stationary position, and with surprising accuracy. She can also create moving or stationary fields (she can also create multiple fields) that, when struck by a target, can absorb the inertia of that target and bring it to a complete stop without harm to the object (or any passengers inside the object).

Flight: Advanced training has allowed Lindy a number of other uses and effects with her defensive field. She can instantaneously and continually redirect the forces of gravity and inertia around her in order to allow her to fly at post-hypersonic speeds, which she can do with unequaled agility. She is, ironically, one of the best flyers in The Alliance (Julia Carlyle would STRONGLY disagree that she is the best flyer) and one of the best in the history of USAES. While in flight, Lindy can either absorb or redirect radar waves (and other scans), thus allowing her a 'stealth' ability; furthermore, she can expand her field around objects to provide them with the same protection. She can also modulate her field (just around her person) so as to bend light around her and absorb sound waves, rendering her invisible.

Self-Sustenance: While Lindy's force-field is active, she does not need to breathe, consume any form of sustenance or eliminate body wastes.

Enhanced Physical Attractiveness: Lindy possesses enhanced physical attractiveness. Lindy is rated as a 2 on the Byrne/Claremont passive power scale; this means that she is possessed of physical beauty that distinguishes her from all others in the immediate area, save those with equal or higher levels of this ability. Lindy (as well as her cadre mates Julia Carlyle and Fabian Nogura) all possess this ability at a level 2 rating.


A significant disadvantage to Lindy's power is that, as nothing can enter her field, she cannot keep others inside for extended periods, as they could risk suffocation. (She has had a special adaptation added to her team jacket, and several other items of clothing she owns, to accommodate this eventuality. See Equipment.)

Talents and Skills[edit]

Arguably the most intelligent member of The Alliance (just edging out Zoey Robertson), Lindy has repeatedly demonstrated an innate understanding of any technology or mechanisms she is confronted with, as well as the ability to come up with creative and effective methods of repairing, modifying or operating such mechanisms or technology - just like her favorite character. Another of the most intelligent members of The Alliance, Lindy holds a specialized major in 'advanced creative engineering', with a minor in cybernetics. (She was one of the USAES students responsible for the design of the advanced Mark V redesign of the Gridrunner, and is already a millionaire from her work in the USAES 'financial aid' program, as she has spent several summers as a special contractor with the S.T.A.R. Labs facility based in Chicago, Illinois.) She speaks fluent Italian, and is a rabid baseball fan.

As with all of the members of The Alliance, Professor Blumenberg urged them to develop a secondary set of skills or abilities to compliment their educational endeavors; in Lindy's case, he approved of her interest in 'geek culture': science fiction, comics, 'role-playing' and online gaming, anime, and all trivia within. (He believed that with her physical appearance, her technical skills, Academy training and comprehensive knowledge in 'geek culture', she would prove to be an invaluable infiltration agent in the more technical areas of the corporate world and within the 'shadow underworld' of computer hackers.)

To this end, he had Lindy also schooled in intelligence operations and techniques; these teachings proved their worth when Lindy was provisionally tapped by DELPHI for a P.O.G.O. covert operation which eventually expanded outwards to effectively count as her one-year internship period. (Lindy was placed inside a high-tech smuggling ring situated on the West Coast of the United States due to her engineering skills, youth and looks, and was able to gain unlimited access through her (approved) intimate relationship with one of the ringleaders, a young woman named Keena McAdams. The information provided by Lindy, and subsequently being able to convince McAdams to provide invaluable information that totally dismantled the enterprise in exchange for total immunity from prosecution, has caused several agencies (including the Central Intelligence Agency and DELPHI's Special Assignments Division) to start active attempts at recruiting her. However, Lindy expressed interested in joining the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers or the U.S. Air Force, either with an eye on eventually going to NASA.

As with the majority of USAES cadets, Lindy has taken up a form of martial arts (in her case, Hwa Rang Do (a Korean-based form of Tae Kwon Do), in which she has earned the title of Jo Kyo Nim (as she has earned her first degree black sash). She also has a preference for the use of the nunchaku and has trained primarily in forms of that weapon's use; she has learned how to channel her powers through her weapons for added effects.

Lindy suffers from a slight case of astigmatism, and usually wears either contacts or aviator-style glasses to correct her vision.


As with all members of The Alliance, Lindy has a special jacket (see The Alliance entry). Lindy's jacket has a special modification in that she has a ultra-micronized replication device (created by Sherrie Kiein) that generates breathable gases within her field and purifies the atmosphere created inside, allowing her to protect other living beings inside the field for extended periods.

Because of the primarily defensive nature of her powers, the left sleeve of Lindy's jacket is actually a MAGNUMS sleeve, which allows her to defend herself easily.