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First appearance Is It Fall Yet?
Last appearance Is It Fall Yet?
Voiced by
Episode count 1
Gender Male
Age 12
Occupation Middle school student, presumably
Family Unnamed mother
Unnamed father
Unnamed stepfather
Significant other(s)

Link is a young character introduced in the first movie, Is It Fall Yet? He is a twelve-year-old boy with a highly antisocial attitude, angrily acting out at everyone he comes in contact with. He drops clues to having a crummy home life, calling his stepfather "even more of a jerk" than his biological father and expressing bitterness that his mother is paying other people to try to help him instead of doing it herself.

Is It Fall Yet?[edit]

Link is one of Daria's charges when she is forced to become a counselor at the Okay To Cry Corral. He initially keeps his head down on the table, does not interacting with anyone and makes his craft projects quickly and carelessly. Daria seems annoyed with him at first, but seems to realize his attitude problems are more serious when he makes a dark, depressing picture during painting class.

Mr. O'Neill also notes his behavior and tries to have a private talk with him. Link berates Mr. O'Neill's counseling methods, telling him that he either doesn't really care about helping the campers or "sucks" at it, which seems to legitimately hurt Mr. O'Neill's feelings. Daria notices and reaches out to Link with methods Mr. O'Neill would not think to try--namely, letting him vent to her instead of trying to force him to be happy. This seems to work until Mr. O'Neill accidentally leads Link to believe that he instructed Daria to do so. Link angrily dismisses Daria, which she later admits to Jane bothers her a lot (at least partially because she recognizes his antisocial attitude as being similar to her own).

Near the end of the movie Daria receives a short letter from Link, telling her to "e-mail me if you want." Curiously, the series never mentions Link again, though it can probably be assumed that Daria did write to Link at some point.

Link also gives the movie its title, when he mutters "Is it fall yet?" when Daria talks to him on the first day of camp.


‎Truth is stranger than fiction, teenager Link in "The camp we used to fear."
  • Richard Lobinske reintroduced the character at age 16 as Link Rouillard in his Falling Into College story, "Link with the Past." By this time, his mother has divorced his stepfather and he has started wearing contacts. He also appears in the John Lane series, in which Quinn works at the Okay to Cry Corral instead of Daria and Link develops a crush on her.
  • Link also appears in Wouter's unfinished comic "The camp we used to fear" which takes place several years after the event of "Camp Fear" where he has been volunteered by his father to work at Camp Grizzly which is now run by Amelia. In that story his full name is revealed to be Lincoln but he insists on being called "Link" because of being named after his father's car. The now in his late teens Link reminds Amelia of Daria and her remarks make Link curious, is Amelia talking about that same Daria he knows?


The looks and name of Link might have been inspired by the then lead singer of the band Linkin Park, Chester Bennington. However this is only speculation.