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The Road Worrier, a la LinnOfTheWoods
The Road Worrier, a la LinnOfTheWoods

Biographical Information[edit]

LinnOfTheWoods is one of the newest and most active members of the Daria fandom today! An artist, author, and unapologetic cheer lord, many of her stories comprise a series, the LinnOfTheWoods Continuum, which feature her OC, Rose Norstein. Many of her stories are accompanied by art, which take some stylistic cues from classic Disney and the peppy breeziness of mid-century magazine illustrations but are distinctly hers.

Many of LinnOfTheWoods' personal interests appear in her work, particularly chickens and the peacefulness of rural living.

LinnOfTheWoods' fics usually explore the post-canon lives of the characters. As befitting a Cheer Lord, her work takes an optimistic stance. While the characters' lives aren't perfect, they're generally doing well and are getting better as people. The overarching story involves Rose, a DJ newly arrived in NYC, and her growing relationship with Trent, who's still a musician (though one much wiser than he was on the show).


Beta drafts:

  • Psychic Refugee No More
  • Blocked
  • Cat in the Cradle

The New York Chapter:

  • Opportunity Rings
  • Put a Needle on the Record
  • New Faces
  • The Day the Spiral Died
  • Garden Variety
  • Day Tripped
  • Sick Sad Truth
  • Common Ground
  • Shut Up, Chuck!
  • The Past in the Present
  • Old Shames
  • Love Rollercoaster
  • Summer's End

The LDR Chapter:

  • Hearts Apart
  • Snail Mail
  • Guilty Pleasure
  • Adventures in Brat-sitting
  • Alone Again, Inevitably
  • Memories of Deep Duck Thoughts
  • Ozark Odyssey
  • Cat in the Cradle 2.0
  • End Of An Era

The Ozark Chapter:

  • Feeling Like Home
  • Psychic Refugee Mo More 2.0
  • Save the Date
  • Happiness and Tears
  • Blocked 2.0
  • Looking Forward and Back

Short and Sweet:

  • It's the Little Things
  • Worth It
  • Hamster Wheel



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