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Logo TV is an American cable channel owned by Viacom and aimed at LGBT audiences. When it launched in 2005, it was the first such ad-supported channel in the country.

Airing Daria[edit]

Logo began airing reruns of Daria in the summer of 2010, coinciding with the DVD release. At first just airing Season 1, it later showed more and in 2011 it was part of a Tuesday comedy block.

Glenn Eichler said in 2016 that he felt "watching an uninterrupted, unedited 22-minute DVD episode of Daria with the replacement music is a much better experience – and fairer to the show — than watching it on, say, Logo or The N with the original music in. Because on those networks the show is jarringly, destructively edited to squeeze in even more ads, or to meet standards and practices guidelines. And the audio is compressed so brutally that the whole episode sounds like it was recorded in a tin can." (As reports from viewers are that the episodes did not have the original music on Logo, at least in S1, he presumably was talking hypothetically and about Logo editing episodes for ad breaks)

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