Lords of 'Za

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Lords of 'Za is a small nationwide pizza franchise in the works of Brother Grimace, with one of its Boston parlors located very close to the Raft University campus. Founded in 1989, it is home to the famous 'E.B.A. pizzas - (Everything But Anchovies) - a very popular pizza with over twenty-five toppings - as well as the Wild West Meat Lover's Special - a high-end pizza with seven 'exotic' animal meat toppings, as well as several vegetable toppings.

A minor urban legend has cropped up in the Raft University community concerning pizza from 'Lords of 'Za'; over the years, unwatched pizzas have been known to mysteriously disappear without a trace. These so-called disappearances have given rise to a minor urban legend around the 'E.B.A.' pizza, and been attributed to what are known as 'The Thieving Pizza Fairies'.

Of course, no one believes in the myth.