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LyinTamer was one of the many literary aliases used by fan writer and commentator CINCGREEN. Under this alias, he wrote one of the most controversial fan fiction stories, Night of the Storm. CINCGREEN has written no other stories under this name.


The alias LyinTamer was written as part of the Lawndale After Dark project when a group of disgruntled Daria fans took issue with the perceived hostility that adult-themed material faced in the Daria fandom community. Four well-known writers, among them CINCGREEN (using the alias of Petrel at the time), decided to create a mock pornographic Daria website called Lawndale After Dark. Each author would write a salacious work of Daria fiction under a new alias.

CINCGREEN took the alias "LyinTamer" and decided to write a Daria/Quinn slash story where a night of incestuous love between Daria and Quinn takes place. "I wanted to write a story so over the top people would scream," Bowman would later say. Even his co-writers at Lawndale After Dark thought it might be too much for them, but they gave their blessing and the story "Night of the Storm" was released both at Lawndale After Dark and

The story quickly gathered over eighty reviews, generally lambasting the author and the quality of his work. "LyinTamer" did not respond to the reviews and presumably never will. (Currently, the only copy of the story is located in Mistress Daria's Dungeon, at the mirror Lawndale After Dark site.) The identity of LyinTamer was not known until CINCGREEN revealed himself to be LyinTamer in a post at The Green Sink, where he also revealed his real name (James Bowman) and his first alias, Petrel.

While sometimes criticized for one specific line, "Night of the Storm" is highly regarded by fans of Dariarotica as a seminal story - one of those that spawned the genre and later inspired the epic spin-off by Brother Grimace, The Winters of Those Gone Before.