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Perhaps the best known of all fan-created characters, Lynn Cullen is a major figure in Canadibrit's The Look-Alike Series.

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Born in Boston to Kate Cullen and organized crime notable Jerome Smythe; Kate changed both her surname and that of her daughter to dissociate them from her husband's family ties and moved the family to Oakwood, a town near to Lawndale, when Lynn was five years old. She moved to Lawndale at the beginning of her and Daria's junior year of high school.

Lynn is the half-sister of Daria Morgendorffer, who was born as the product of an extramarital affair Helen Morgendorffer had years ago with Jerome Smythe. She has a predilection for purple, which long ago earned her the nickname "Purple Peril" from her best friend, AP McIntyre. Lynn also uses that moniker as her online persona.

Lynn and Daria are remarkably alike in appearance and habits, though Lynn tends to be more violent and emotional.

The Trent Connection[edit]

Lynn and Daria have many psychological similarities as well as physical; one such similarity is their attraction towards Trent Lane. Lynn developed a very strong crush upon Trent soon after meeting him, but refused to pursue it after seeing the mutual attraction between him and Daria. This attraction, however, was consummated physically in the TLAS special episode Rue Brittania; on New Years' Eve, a drunken Trent (believing that he was pursuing Daria} made a romantic overture to Lynn, and ended up spending the night with her. The next morning, Lynn left Trent's room, and the incident was not discussed or mentioned by either until the events of Miss Conception, in which Lynn underwent a pregnancy scare, and ended up talking to Trent and Jane Lane about what had happened.

Favored web sites[edit]

Lynn enjoys spending time online. One of her favorite Internet spots is an British site known as Subversion Is We. The site, dedicated to self-determination free of government or any overt control of the populace (i.e., it is pro-anarchy), is well known for its 1001 Ways to Manipulate… book series. The web address for the site is:

A real-world equivalent to the site was formerly located at Loompanics.

She also spends time on, and purchases items from a site known as 'MI6 Factory Rejects', which sells covert surveillance gear, among other things. The web address for the site is:

Lynn in other fics[edit]

In the Visitations alternate reality (as shown in "The Sun Will Come Out, Tomorrow"), Lynn is a member of the DELPHI covert operations section known as the Special Assignments Division. Lynn was quietly released from a fifteen-year prison sentence under the condition that she become a member of S.A.D. (She had been convicted of harming the Daria Morgendorffer of that reality, nearly driving the latter insane and leaving her in a catatonic state.) Lynn is considered a highly valuable and effective member of the organization, and before his death, Robert Bakeson was seriously considering her for Special Agent status in his Therian Thirty program.

In the Legion of Lawndale Heroes universe, Lynn works for Bakeson as a special operative. It is unknown at present if she has any special powers.

She appeared in several Worldburner fanfics as an ally of Judith (several allies, in fact). In the Recruitment fic The Batman Gambit, one of those Lynns was placed in command of the Order of Infinity flagship vessel Resurgence; she was slain when the Resurgence (while in the Daria AE universe and attempting to slay the Daria and her counterparts of this reality aboard S.S. Pequod) was destroyed by the Corps of Ringbearers flagship RSV Mephistopheles.

In The Excellent S' Lawndale Fighting Championship, she is a member of the Axis, a stable of fan-characters out for dominance against the LFC's stable of canon characters through intimidation and violence. Cullen, along with Danielle Todds, walked out on her team during the main event of "Esteemster Series", a 7-on-7 tag match against Team LFC.

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