Madelyn Cooper

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Madelyn Cooper is a fictional character who appeared in Doggieboy's Apocalyptic Daria. A widow and mother of two children, she stayed at the Carthage UMC Rescue Center in the weeks following Black Saturday.

Martin Peters had a secret crush on the 35-year-old woman, and accidentally blurted it out to Daria Morgendorffer when they shared a watch together. When Daria and Martin grew together as a couple, that crush fell by the wayside.

After the death of Martha Peters, Madelyn made a not-so-subtle play for Martin in front of Daria, by flashing him during breakfast one morning and telling him that if he needed for anything, he just had to see her.

Legion of Lawndale Heroes[edit]

In Legion of Lawndale Heroes, Madelyn is shown as an Air Force colonel who is now the Deputy Commandant at the United States Academy of Extranormal Studies since the retirement of Professor Richard Blumenberg. She has been shown to be virulently anti-LGBTQ; this is because she herself has lesbian leanings that she has violently repressed since her days in college.

Madelyn also has a sister - Marissa Cooper - who is also an Air Force officer and looks strikingly similar to her sister.