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The Mall of the Millennium is a fictional supermall featured in the episode, "Malled," located about 100 miles away from Lawndale. A floor-by-floor map of the mall appears in The Daria Diaries, including many colorfully named stores. It also appears in detail in the PC game, Daria's Inferno. The facility has a large parking area that uses trams to carry customers from the distant parking to the entrances. In the episode, it is during the tram ride that Daria Morgendorffer gets sick. Inside, the mall uses a complicated letter-color-number system to identify different areas.

In concept, it's a clear spoof of the then-new Mall of America. Because the name is similar to that of the real Mall at Millenia, it is hypothesized to be part of the Florida Connection.

Stores Seen or Mentioned in the episode "Malled"[edit]

Big Cone

Big Cone[edit]

An ice cream store in the food court.

Bikini Island[edit]

Not shown, it was a swimwear store mentioned several times by Charles "Upchuck" Ruttheimer III as he tried to recruit several students (including Daria and Jane Lane) to model and then tried to convince Diane Bennett to make a side trip to there.

Books By The Ton[edit]

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Doo Dad Shop

Doo Dad Shop[edit]

A gift and knickknack store. Daria and Jane comment about them being cheap and useless. Daria's $20 coupon is for the Doo Dad Shop. When she goes to use it, she is swarmed by the shop's staff. It turns out she was the 10,000th customer, and won a plethora of free doo dads and had her picture taken with the staff. Her picture is turned into a huge poster that hangs in the window of the shop.

Down Under

Down Under Lingerie[edit]

A lingerie store seen several times during the episode. It is near the location where Ms. Bennett first organizes the students and is later seen as Brittany Taylor and Kevin exit the Doo Dad Shop.



Is a fast food eatery in the food court. After completing their assignment (which consists of notations to the effect of hungry people not being hungry after visiting), Daria and Jane get in line there. Before they can order, Quinn Morgendorffer approaches them for a makeover, not realizing that it is them.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Wee Bits

Fuzzy Wuzzy Wee Bits Shop[edit]

Is a store that specializes in collectable figurines called "Fuzzy Wuzzy Wee Bits" of the kinds popular during the nineties. Mrs. Bennett is such an avid collector; she was distracted by them soon after beginning the mall tour. In the meeting with the mall executives, she is shown with a bag full of purchases. Daria was the 10,000th customer at the store, for which she received several products. To honor this accomplishment, the store blew up a picture of the event and hung in on their front window.


Hi-Fi Hi-Fi Hi-Fi[edit]

Is a stereo electronics store. It is another location close to where the class gathered at the start of the mall tour.

Natural Science

Natural Science[edit]

A science and educational store scene in passing.

Out & Out

Out & Out[edit]

A hiking and camping gear store scene in passing next to Natural Science.

Scizzor Wizzard

Scizzor Wizzard[edit]

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Shoes N' Style

Shoes N' Style[edit]

A shoe store seen in passing.

Sports Shorts

The Sports Shorts[edit]

A sporting gear store specializing in shorts first mentioned by Kevin. Later, Upchuck receives a $20 coupon to the store. It is seen briefly near the food court while the Fashion Club discuss doing a makeover as a public service.

Tofu Fighters

Tofu Fighters[edit]

Is a oriental-style eatery seen at the food court.

The Mall of the Millennium in Daria Fanfic[edit]

A selection of stories in which the Mall of the Millennium plays a significant role appears below. The links are in no particular order. It is unfortunately not uncommon for fanfic writers to forget that the Mall of the Millennium is not in Lawndale itself (perhaps it was confused with the Lawndale Mall), but is instead about two hours away by car or bus, leading to stories in which characters walk from their homes to that specific mall. It is also not uncommon to see the word "millennium" misspelled in creative ways.