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Marina (l) introduces Lara

Marina is either an older student or an employee at Grove Hills. She appears in "Gifted". Marina has a perky voice and manner, which easily crumbles in the face of sarcastic resistance.

When Daria and Jodie arrived at the school's open day, Marina was working as a recruiter and introduced the girls to Lara, Cassidy, and Graham. When she asked Lara to sell them on the Grove Hills experience, Lara made a vicious comment about "shrill recruiters" and Marina retreated fast. Later, she was showing the visiting students a promotional film and got them to talk about their life goals (something she said would be "super!"): she tried to coax Daria into mentioning one, got a blast of sarcasm, and again retreated (this time with a nervous giggle).

In fanfiction[edit]

She appears as a student and main character in the AU "Regifted", befriending Jodie.