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Marshall Winsett is an administrator at Fielding Preparatory Academy in Kara Wild's Driven Wild Universe. He made his first credited appearance in "Into the Fire."


Marshall Winsett comes from an old, distinguished East Coast family that maintains an estate not far from Lawndale known as Highbury. The Winsetts keep their money in a number of businesses, which Marshall helped run before accepting the position of administrator at Fielding, which has educated "generations of Winsetts." Marshall describes his family as dating back to the Mayflower and containing a strong Calvinistic streak to the present day. Marshall confesses, "I grew up learning to never speak out of turn. It's turned me into something of a coward."

Warning: The following may contain plot or ending details.

Marshall is also gay, a fact that he keeps from his family and that plays a significant role in the final two Driven Wild Universe installments because his lover is none other than Alfred Phelps. Although they have been partners for fifteen years, their relationship has long since ceased to be about love; Phelps lambastes Marshall for not being truthful about their relationship and generally uses Marshall's timidity to keep him in line. Marshall helped Phelps secure a teaching job at Fielding, then later covered up evidence that Phelps was using students to help him steal money from their parents' bank accounts. When Marshall learns that Phelps could be doing it again at Lawndale High, he agrees to meet with Daria to learn what she knows ("Into the Fire"). Phelps discovers this meeting in "Tomorrow Never Knows" and threatens Marshall until he agrees to deny that the meeting ever took place. This frustrates Daria's efforts to learn more information until she traps him with a recording of Marshall and Phelps together that DeMartino made in "An Uneasy Marriage." Marshall then confesses everything and agrees to search for more damning information on Phelps, which he finds in the form of shredded bank and phone records in the backyard. Marshall turns over this evidence to the police and finally works up the courage to leave Phelps and return to his family, where he won't lie about who he is any longer. As a final request, he asks Phelps not to force Quinn to testify against him: "I know you care. I can tell you still care, about her at least."


"Don't you see, Alfred? It's already too late. I've already lost too much of myself over the past fifteen years -- there's nothing left for you to take." -- "Tomorrow Never Knows"

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