Martina Peters

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Created by Brother Grimace in the Worldburner fic 'This Is My BOOMSTICK!' , Martina Carlotta Peters is an gender-switched, alternate-universe version of Martin Peters.

Character History[edit]

Martina was born to John Peters and Martha Peters; the birth was a difficult one for Martha, and both she and the baby were kept in the local hospital for observation. Although she seemed well, a medical emergency occurred two days later that claimed Martha's life. Without the toxic presence of Martha in their lives, John and the true love of his life - Martha's sister Mary Peters - were free to embrace their love (which had to be set aside because of Martha's psychotic tricks leading to her pregnancy & John being forced to marry her).

They married a year later, raised Martina as their own child, and she had a wonderful life growing up in Carthage until the 'double whammy' of Black Saturday and Judith's appearance upon their world. For some (never-divulged) reason, Judith chose not to destroy their Earth/universe right away but instead, sent a combined task force of superhuman beings and the Order of Infinity to occupy the world, and a full-scale resistance movement rose up to supplement the remaining terrestrial military forces that opposed Judith's forces.

Martina found herself part of the Maryland group of the East Coast resistance forces (it is currently unknown what became of her father) and acquitted herself with distinction until Judith herself (with NegaJane accompanying her) actually came to Carthage herself in search of Daria and Jane. (Unknown to her, Morgendorffer and Lane's counterparts on this world were male, and had left some time before in search of family members.) Disbelieving the locals' claims, NegaJane made several more visits to the area in the hopes of finding Daria and Jane. During one such visit, NegaJane killed Odell Jones after he was caught trying to look down the metahuman's blouse, and upon seeing Martina for the first time, remarked that Judith would be interested in taking her as a sexual conquest. Fearing for Martina's safety, Mary took her and a relative to the resistance meeting where Warhammers from the Corps of Ringbearers (masquerading as members of DELPHI) had arrived to supply them with JK-11 PFT Weapons in order to help fight Judith's forces.

With the end of The Judith Conflict, the crippling of the Order and Judith's death, Martina's world has undergone an unexplained 'temporal reset' that has left millions with complete memories of both Black Saturday and Judith's actions. Martina is still interested in going to college, but is also worried about her family and does not wish to leave them just yet.

Character Description and Interests[edit]

Like her male counterpart, Martina is 6-feet-2-inches tall. She weighs around 140 pounds, has long, wavy, dark brown hair, and is exceptionally attractive. She is physically fit, but that comes more from her hobbies of hiking and hunting than from any exercise regimen (although she has some skill at cross-country running due to her friend Renee Andrews' interest in the sport).

Her interests and habits are almost identical to her male counterpart; in her case, Martina has her 'hideaways' simply to have a place to be alone and think (or indulge in other teenage experiences that she'd rather her parents not know about). She is an especially gifted hunter and sharpshooter, which she put to good use during The Judith Conflict as a sniper with a JK-11. Unknown to her parents, she still has two JK-11 rifles (she keeps in her favorite and least-used 'hideaways'); since the events mentioned above, stockpiling and weapons training have become almost the norm in free nations across the globe. She favors her grandfather's service-issue M1 Garand (in the 30-06 caliber) as a hunting rifle, as well as the 30-30 lever-action rifle she won in a church raffle. Martina also has her grandfather's M1917 .45 revolver (also service-issue), which she always carries for self-defense when out by herself in the woods.

Alternate versions of Martina[edit]

There are two known alternate versions of Martina. One is seen in The Sad Times of Martina Peters, and one is mentioned (though not specifically named) in the No Gas! shared world fic Motor City Mara. In the fic, the character assumed to be Martina in mentioned to have stopped an energy company's attempt to take a homespun alcohol-based fuel substitute by shooting down (at least) two helicopters with her M1 Garand.