McGrundy's Brew Pub

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McGrundy's Brew Pub is a bar mentioned in "The Daria Diaries", and a place Mystik Spiral have been known to play. The book's map locates it in the south-west of the town, in the shopping district, and Daria Morgendorffer records: "Live music nightly. Beer goggles available for a nominal charge."

Their flyer in the book mentions various bands coming up: Ted O'Shaunessy and his Songs of Starvation; Sons of Morris, a Doors tribute band; Jagger Meister, doing a Rolling Stones cover; a motown dance night with DJ Jimmy Jumps ("women drink tropical drinks free before 10"); Opal, "plaintive longings". Open mike is on Thursdays ("take your chances").

McGrundy's warns: "No lame fake ID's please - we've seen them all."

A Mystik Spiral gig at McGrundy's on 16th April was reviewed by Muck & Rage, where mid-review Mike Z complains "this arty chikc at the bar wouldn't talk to me" and "the bartender was stingy with the shots and gave me this dirty look when I lit up my cigar."

In fanfiction[edit]

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McGrundy's makes irregular appearances in fanfiction as a Spiral hangout.

Outside of that:

  • In RX-87's "Esteeming Out The Gutter", a homeless Jane is dismayed to learn McGrundy's ("a shitty dive bar") has been shut down by the liquor board for crimes they did commit and turned into a Pizza Forest.