Mental in the Morning

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Mental in the Morning is the weekday morning radio show co-hosted by Bing and the Spatula Man for station Z93. Mental in the Morning broadcast live from Lawndale High and Pizza King during the third season episode"Jake of Hearts".

The show is portrayed as a clear parody of "wacky" morning radio shows and their hosts, such as Howard Stern and Opie & Anthony. Its hosts, Bing and the Spatula Man, are portrayed as stupid and self-obsessed. Their humor is generally portrayed as unfunny, cruel, or both: their decision to thunder out "one hundred rauncheriffic words for SEX!", their making the Lawndale students scream to the point of passing out to win the prize of a t-shirt, and attempt to entice the girls of Lawndale High to "win" a contest the prize of which was a date with Upchuck (a stunt which can be considered cruel to the girls, to Upchuck, or to both, depending upon one's point of view). They refuse to allow anyone to not be involved, with repeated harassment of Daria and Jane to make them join in.

Despite all of this, they're honestly popular with Lawndale's students: fans include Bob, Burnout Girl, Cindy, Jeffy, Jenna, Jennifer, Les, "Red Cap", Upchuck, and even Quinn. Les seemed to be amused but we're not sure if it was by the show or everyone's reactions.

MTV's "Guestward Ho!" features said the DJ's were based on Buck and O'Connor, who had a morning show on Milwaukee rock station Z-95 in the early 1980s.

Fanfic Portrayals[edit]

Bing and the Spatula Man were briefly shown in the fanfiction Fashion Club Entertainment by tommyXmaserati in which they played the debut single by The Fashion Club over the radio on their show.