Michael Fulton

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Michael by RLobinske.
Model sheet of Micheal Fulton from "Falling Into College" illustrated by Drocem
Micheal Fulton from "Falling Into College" at work near the USS Constitution, illustrated by Drocem

Daria's romantic interest in Richard Lobinske's Falling Into College stories. A history major at Raft that plans to specialize in archeology in graduate school. Physically, he has bright red hair and wears aviator-style glasses, not quite 6 ft tall and medium build. Originally from a suburb of Detroit, Michigan, where he grew up with his parents Ron and Samantha, and younger sister Gina.

He is highly intelligent, having earned a spot in an exclusive archeology undergraduate program in Italy that he turned down to stay with Daria. His quiet, gentle and romantic nature is what sparked Daria's love for him, while his sense of humor closely matches hers, enabling them to banter in much the same way as Daria and Jane. While normally mild, he can be impulsive at times, sometimes with less than the desired results, such as his disastrous first proposal for marriage. Part of this also comes out in his impatient driving habits, much to Daria's annoyance.

Early in the series, he worked with his father as a surveyor during the summer, later as a custodial and field worker at the Boston National Historic Park and finally, as an assistant to Prof. Daniels of Bromwell assessing possible archeological finds during renovations of the park.

After the winter break of their senior year, Daria moves into Michael's apartment while they plan their wedding and look for graduate schools.

First introduced in the story, Home for Thanksgiving.

Alternate Universe Versions[edit]

In the "Legion of Lawndale Heroes" Mini "Falling Into Unusual Circumstances" by Brother Grimace, Michael and Legionnaire Daria Morgendorffer quickly hit it off and get rather distracted during the Legion Halloween Costume Ball.

In the LLH continuum, Michael is a Cadet Fourth Class (the equivalent of a college sophomore) at the United States Academy of Extranormal Studies. As his service concentration of study, Michael has chosen the National Service Track; he has a double major in History and Archaeology, with a concentration in the study of the Roman Empire. (He and Rafael Vargas are acquainted with one another because of their shared interest in the period.). He has also become proficient in the use of edged and melee weapons as part of his Academy training, but has not (as of yet) chosen to apply himself for mastery in the use of those weapons.

Michael has powers similar to those of Sherrie Klein, as well as the psychometry ability possessed by David Allen Farrington. Dubbed 'contact-omniscience', his power incorporates psychometry, postcognition, hyper-intelligence and hyper-invention, allowing Michael (through either touch or by simply activating his power in a chosen area) to view the object/area as it was in the past/was created/in use. Michael's power also allows him immediate and accurate knowledge of an area's/artifact's name, purpose, construction/method of creation, material composition and the exact usage of the artifact/area.

When using his power in this fashion, Michael also incorporates other psionic abilities that he usually cannot manifest and has no prior evidence of possessing; for example, if using his power in a area of ruins that spans several levels of height, his power allows him to move along through the vision by gifting him with such powers as levitation (as he is 'walking up stairs'). The nature of his powers also incorporates a 'safety mechanism' that protects him from unexpected effects that may be encountered (such as falling from great heights); even if such devices that instantly nullify powers are employed, his power cannot be shut off until he leaves the vision safely.

Michael can also use his power on living beings. The nature of his power could allow for Michael to possess a wide range of uses when employed upon living beings (for example, he has learned how to use his power to continually monitor physical responses to stimuli, and to manipulate the being's sensory perceptions so as to increase or dampen any chosen stimuli (and the being's response to said stimuli). He has chosen (at present) not to develop his abilities in this fashion, preferring instead to focus on the practical applications offered in the use of his powers in his studies.

It is speculated that Michael may also possess the power of telepathy, but at a low level. This has not yet been confirmed.

As a Cadet Fourth Class, Michael is currently considering several excellent opportunities for the mandatory one-year internship period for all Cadets Third Class. It has been revealed that he will spend his internship year as an active U.S. Air Force officer, and will serve with the Stargate Program at the Cheyenne Mountain Complex in Colorado. (It is also rumored that he has been heavily recruited by unnamed parties for both a SG-team position within Stargate Command, and for a researcher's position within the Atlantis Expedition.)