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Michele Landon is the mother of Jodie, Rachel, and Evan Landon, and wife of Andrew Landon. In The Daria Database, she was 42 (eight years younger than Andrew).


Michele was formerly a Senior VP at "US World," but during the time frame of the series she primarily stayed at home to care for her infant son, Evan, a situation she considers a "temporary hiatus". She expresses barely-restrained irritation about this, wanting to put Evan in daycare and randomly letting slip that he was "unplanned", and in "The Daria Database" is said to nurse while reading Wall Street World.

Most of what we know of this character comes from a brief mention in The Daria Database. However, during "Gifted", where she is introduced and has her longest appearance, her behaviour is shown as highly defensive and judgemental, specifically in the way she takes Helen Morgendorffer's most innocent statements and well meaning assumptions as personal insults directed at her ethnicity. ("Why do you assume I'm in favour of welfare?") Later, it is revealed she regards Helen and Jake as kooks. However, in "Of Human Bonding", she gets on quite well with Daria as they both loathe Terry Perry Barlow.

Both she and Andrew push Jodie into overachieving and ignore & overrule any protests she makes ("The F Word"). However, she's more willing to give Jodie a break than Andrew and will overrule him in Jodie's favour, which in the case of Grove Hills was to jab at Andrew for making her give up a career ("Gifted", "Is It College Yet?").

The relationship between her and Andrew is under strain. She once referred to him with annoyance and contempt when he was networking in "Of Human Bonding", where the two also publicly feuded over her desire (and not his) to put Evan in daycare as soon as possible. In the MTV flipbook "It Takes Two to Tangle" , it's said their marriage is at risk because of "competing delusions of executive grandeur".


  • Michele's first name is spelled with one "L," per The Daria Database.

In Fanfiction[edit]

  • In the Legion of Lawndale Heroes continuum, Michele became Mayor of Lawndale after Andrew resigned from the position upon becoming a member of The Elite. (The LLH Special "A Legion Halloween" confirms that Michele is in fact the new mayor.) It is also noted that (as of present) Michele does not know about Andrew's entrance into The Elite, his receiving metahuman abilities, or Victoria Todds, his new mistress.
  • Ruthless Bunny's "A Change in Plans", set during IICY?, has Michele and Andrew discuss their daughter's life, her college prospects, and her experiences in a majority-white town. They also are dismissive of Mack due to his working class background.