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Michelle in "Camp Fear"

Michelle Klein-Häss was a noted fanfiction author and webmaster of Lawndale Commons. She began participating in Daria fandom in 1998 after the premiere of the second season. Michelle could often be found in #Daria+ IRC and ran #Lawndale, an alternate Daria IRC room, from late 1998 until approximately summer of 1999.

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Fanon and Fan Culture Contributions[edit]

Michelle's main fanfic contribution was the Lawndale, CT Continuum, a series of fics detailing the romantic relationship between Daria and Trent many years into the future. These stories were among the most influential early D/T shippers, and were also among the first to give a real-world location for Lawndale (this time in Connecticut). Unfortunately, in 2005, Ms. Klein-Häss requested that all fanfic sites remove her works, as she was disillusioned with her work and its influence.

Michelle was also associate editor of the now-defunct Toon Magazine, and interviewed Glenn Eichler and Susie Lewis for the spring 1999 issue. This interview is notable for being the longest and most in-depth article about the show to appear in a print publication.

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