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Michelle in "Camp Fear"

Michelle Klein-Häss was a noted fanfiction author and webmaster of Lawndale Commons. She began participating in Daria fandom in 1998 after the premiere of the second season. Michelle could often be found in #Daria+ IRC and ran #Lawndale, an alternate Daria IRC room, from late 1998 until approximately summer of 1999.

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Fanon and Fan Culture Contributions[edit]

Michelle's main fanfic contribution was the Lawndale, CT Continuum, a series of fics detailing the romantic relationship between Daria and Trent many years into the future. These stories were among the most influential early D/T shippers, and were also among the first to give a real-world location for Lawndale (this time in Connecticut). Unfortunately, in 2005, Ms. Klein-Häss requested that all fanfic sites remove her works, as she was disillusioned with her work and its influence. As fate would have it, all of her work is still available through Archive.org.

Michelle was also associate editor of the now-defunct Toon Magazine, and interviewed Glenn Eichler and Susie Lewis for the spring 1999 issue. This interview is notable for being the longest and most in-depth article about the show to appear in a print publication.

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