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Mike Quinn is a long-time fan, respected member of the community, and evil super-genius. Most noted for writing the "Delayed Reaction Reviews," he also wrote a handful of essays and fanfics.

Fandom Contributions[edit]

Delayed Reaction Reviews[edit]

Mike's Delayed Reaction Reviews were detailed reviews of each Daria episode and both movies, as well as comprehensive reviews of some entire seasons. Each review broke down the episode and also gave an overall grade for each episode at the end of the review.

Mike started writing the reviews during the second half of season 2. The original reviews were known as "Initial Reaction Reviews" because they were written immediately after the episode had aired. The first set of reviews were met with mixed responses. Many people enjoyed reading the reviews, but some people apparently did not.

Due to popular demand, retroactive reviews for season 1 and the first half of season 2 were written. At this point, the name "Delayed Reaction" was born. Reviews continued for the duration of the series, most appearing within a few days of each episode's original air date.

Fan Fiction[edit]



  • Contrary to some people's beliefs, the grades for the reviews were more or less an afterthought and should not be taken that seriously. Seriously.
  • Mike's brother is on a magical quest to clog a toilet in every state in the United States of America. Thus far he's conquered Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and West Virginia. His quest has been hampered by his lack of traveling. UPDATE: A toilet somewhere in Louisiana has been clogged. However, a recent trip to Hawai'i proved fruitless. The mummy arm was no match for those space-age Hawai'ian latrines.
  • Mikey does indeed like it. Who knew?
  • There is a little-known theme song to the "Delayed Reaction Reviews" written by some guy named Joe on the newsgroup.
  • While everyone and their mother has heard of him, he is quite pissed that his own wife has to be the one to create his Wiki page. Respect his authoritah!