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The 51st story in the Falling Into College series by Richard Lobinske. The story occurs during early October 2001.


With Helen home from the hospital, Jake has temporarily converted the formal dining room into their bedroom so that she has easy access while in her electric wheelchair. She is also doing physical therapy to overcome her paralysis. She’s frustrated by her inability to make her mouth form a proper smile. Spurred by what happened to her mother, Daria gets a physical exam and learns that she has very high blood cholesterol and other early warning signs of cardiovascular problems. The doctor recommends a change of diet to address the cholesterol and to loose a little weight, much to her roommates’ amusement. During a phone call, Quinn expresses her regrets that she was unable to get back to Lawndale because of the flight cancellations after 9/11. To stay close to Helen, Jake begins to work from home and only goes to the office for appointments. Marianne visits with some work from the office that Helen wanted to see to keep her mind busy. Daria and Michael Fulton visit over the weekend, along with Amy, her new husband Reese, and his twin daughters Jerica and Jocelyn.

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