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In fanfiction terminology, a missing scene is a story that fills in what happened off-screen during a particular episode or between two sequential episodes. The usual creators of missing scenes are fans who feel that certain changes in character did not receive enough screen time to make such changes appear realistic (e.g., Daria Morgendorffer's increasing attraction to Tom Sloane during season four). A missing scene may be used as a secret history if it shows the reason for a canon event; however, a missing scene is not always a secret history.

Missing Scenes in Daria Canon[edit]

Curiously, official Daria materials contain a few missing scenes. One in particular is the section of Daria's diary from The Daria Diaries in which she writes about the first time she went over to Jane Lane's home. She helped Jane barricade the house to prevent it from being repossessed and met Trent Lane for the first time then as well. This event apparently happens during "Esteemsters." Part of the trip bridging Highland to Lawndale (thus linking Daria's appearances on Beavis and Butt-head and Daria) is described in the same volume.

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